Subtitles fullscreen youtube not working

As of a week ago subtitles on youtube videos in fullscreen on iphone dont show up anymore

@subtitlesnotworking This is has been an ongoing issue on iPhone for a while. If you test in Safari, you’ll notice that the issue persists as well. I just tested it on my iPhone 13 Pro Max running iOS 16.

Unfortunately, Apple hasn’t been helpful over the years as it’s been reported.

Not sure that @michal or anyone from Brave’s iOS team can help with it, but I did tag just in case they get any ideas. Overall though we need to be contacting Apple and YouTube/Google directly to advise of the issue and hope they can fix it.

And yes, Michal, this is occurring on 1.43. Yet as I said, also can be duplicated in Safari, so guessing it’s nothing to do with the browser specifically. Issue is YouTube subtitles work when small, but if you maximize/full screen, they go away completely. Not sure what’s happening.

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