YouTube captions disappear with full screen

**YouTube captions disappear with full screen **

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Open YouTube in brave browser
  2. Open video with captions
  3. open „full screen“

Expected result: Captions habe disappeared

Brave Version: 1.43.79 (I Hope I did this right)

**Mobile Device details: apple iPhone 10 XR, iOS 15.6.1 **

Additional Information: started maybe two or three weeks ago. Before that everything was fine

Yeah, good luck with that. I had the same issue and it replicated even in other browsers. I ended up spending more than an hour with Apple and they claimed that none of their service techs had issues. That said, this has been an ongoing issue reported by Users for years now, as you can see in places like links below:


You’re using an older version of Brave. The current version on iPhone is 1.44.1. You may want to make sure to go to the App Store and update Brave.

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That said, I am seeing something now I’ve never noticed before.

@michal could you check out and also experiment yourself with captions on YouTube with an iPhone? Pointing out the Github because if it is the idea of full-width vs partial-width, would there be anything in Brave programming to account for that?

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Oh damn, I thought this would be a smaller issue than it is. Sounds to me like YouTube wants to keep its app „privileged“. Very annoying. Still, thanks a lot. Btw I updated Brave and unfortunately nothing changed.

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