Strict fingerprinting protection mode was supposed to be gone, wasn’t it?

Ever since I read this article in mid-2023, I expected the setting to revert to “Standard” upon updating to 1.64.x.

Now, in 1.64.109, I see that the #brave-show-strict-fingerprinting-mode flag is finally there (it had been announced as having passed inspection in 1.62.122; see Github issue 31229), but its default is “Enabled”!

So, not only can the strict mode still be selected at will on new installations, but on existing installations where this option was set to “Strict”, updating to this version doesn’t change the setting to “Standard”, which was clearly the whole point of the article.

Am I too impatient? Or am I misunderstanding something?

Never can tell what Brave is doing. They are great on working on things but horrible on meeting timelines or providing updates on projects. I’m not sure if they may not uplift the change to Release so that it will hit in 1.64.xx range. We did just hit into 1.64.xx btw.

On Release and Beta, both still can choose aggressive fingerprinting. However, on 1.66.xx (which is Nightly), they took it away. You can see that below where fingerprinting is a toggle and no longer a drop box where you can choose strict/aggressive.


All of that said, guess I will tag @Mattches and @fanboynz to see if either can shed more light on things.

I thought it was supposed to be in 1.65x but I guess it got pushed back. I also see it in Nightly so if it doesn’t get uplifted it will be in v1.66x at the latest.