Any way to set an anti-fingerprinting option permanent?


I mostly use brave on Android.

IS there any way I can toggle the option to “Fingerprinting Blocked - Strict” for all websites I surf rather than have to go to shields and set it manually after visiting each individual sites?

This becomes really annoying after a while. An ability where I can set the preset option to block all fingerprinting or according to my choice once and for all would be really appreciated.

Also, please look into this serious matter and see if you can help:

Thank you.

No, on mobile, CMMIW. Not yet.

Sorry, I’m not sure what this ^ means but as I understand from your response, the user ability to preset a specific level of protection w.r.t fingerprinting protection isn’t possible in brave.

Thats unfortunate.

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Should be “CMIIW”. A typo on my end. :sweat_smile:

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