Strange issue on

Every time I visit (often, being a home service provider), the search bar is populated with what is shown in the attached screenshot. Also, I have location enabled for their site yet the site doesn’t recall my location and switches my default Lowes store to another. Any suggestions to remedy these two things?

**Brave Version( check About Brave): 1.49.120 (Windows 11)

Screenshot 2023-03-17 130517


For the first issue, I’m going to assume something screwy going on with cookies. If you look at your Search/URL bar up top, you’ll see a lock icon. Photos 3_17_2023 13_26_12. Click on it → Site SettingsClear Data I’m going to assume your issue will be resolved.

For the second issue, make sure Location is on. In the screenshot, you see where it’s at Ask (default) which is where it will prompt in your browser each time if they can have access to check your location. If you’re going on often, make sure it’s set to Allow instead.

If it is enabled but it’s showing elsewhere, then it seems like you have something going on that might be helping to hide your location. This could be something on your end or be due to your internet provider. I do know my IP address sometimes shows as if I’m in a different city and I so I have to enter information instead of choosing Use current location for websites. But this happens regardless of the browser, so it’s just a Xfinity/Comcast internet thing (for me).

If issue(s) continue, might also need to check if you have an extension that could be causing an issue. Good way to test that is to create a new browser profile and see if same thing happens on it.

Also little random and unlikely related, but if you haven’t done lately, try to run something like a Malwarebytes just to be sure everything is good on that front.

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