Lowes icon shows in address bar with new tab

I just noticed the lowes icon in my address bar when opening a new tab. Is this some kind of Spyware? What’s the best corrective action? I recently installed the lowes app. I don’t see any settings to remove this feature.

Hey Cdwickli,

When you search for something, where does it take you?

Hi @Cdwickli
Can you go to Settings → Search engine, what do you have listed under standard tab and private tab?

Duckduckgo. It seems to be operating fine. I just noticed the lowes icon and can’t figure out how to turn it off


Go to Privacy and security, then to Clear browsing data, and then try clearing your Cached images and files to see if that fixes it.

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try to change the default search engine to any thing then return it back to duckduckgo

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The steps @Adrian_02 provided above should resolve the issue – this is a fairly common occurance.

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Well…I tried that and it didn’t work. I cleared the data and cache from All time. I also switched the search engines and restarted the phone several times. I further uninstalled the lowes app. I was wrong before though. It’s on the brave page not duckduck.

Can you try clearing the browsing history as well?
Similar cases have been resolved by clearing data in this way, but it needs to be the right way. An uninstall will also likely do the trick but I’d rather you not have to do that.

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