Stopped working

Aw,snap message on all sites . I’ve used the browser for a while now it was great . As of yesterday i can’t access anything all i get is an “aw, snap” and all my saved site are gone ! Can you tell me why it doesn’t work on my android tablet any more !

If you are not afraid of losing everything and you have already lost everything, Uninstall the Brave application, install it again and continue. You lose today, tomorrow you win with new knowledge and content, do not wait for answers, although they can give them to you, but you have to think fast to continue working.

I did that and i still get the “aw,snap” message !!

Solution 1. Restart the web page that is closing
To get started, click on the rounded arrow symbol, known as Reload. It can be found next to the address bar. Click once or twice and see if the Aw, Snap! It appears again. If it does, try the following methods.

Solution 2. Try to access the web page in incognito mode
Incognito mode bypasses browsing history, caches, and other browsing-related issues that may be related to the Aw, Snap! Error. To access Incognito Mode, you have to click on the Menu (the three dots in the upper right corner) and select Open New Incognito Window. After this, insert the address of the page you prefer to visit and press Enter. If the web page loads normally, this means it is time to clear the cache and history

Solution 3. Open multiple tabs at the same time
If you have dozens of tabs open while the Aw, Snap! Error message appears, it could be that all of these tabs are to blame for the problem. This may mean that Brave Browser simply cannot support all of them due to insufficient memory or system resources. Therefore, close the tabs and try to reload the web page.

Solution 4. Disable extensions
As you probably already know, there are many other third-party plug-ins and add-ons that can cause problems such as unexpected website closings, slowdowns, freezes, and the like. Typically, these problems are triggered by third-party extensions that are downloaded from sources of little or no trust. Therefore, as soon as you start seeing the Aw, Snap! Error, disable the suspicious extensions and try to reload the page. To do this, you have to:

Type brave://plugins/ in Brave’s address bar and hit Enter.
Now you will see all the active Brave Browser extensions. To disable them, you have to click on the Disable button that is located next to each extension.
Once done, reload the web page.

If you’ve tried all of the above solutions but none of them have helped, then the main problem may not be Brave Browser itself. To check this, you simply have to open Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or any other browser that is installed on your PC and try to access the web page that is closing. If you have managed to access it, then this means that the problem is with Brave Browser. If the web page has also been closed, then there is a problem with the web page itself.

Pages do open with other browsers , just not with brave . I just did another reinstall and have the same issue , 2 days ago everything was fine !

I cant even open a Google .com page ?

So disappointing , i was really loving this browser

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