Stopped receiving ads months ago

I upgraded my old iMac to a new M1 mac mini a few months ago. Before formatting my old iMac I ensured my brave account was sync’d with uphold. I connected to the same uphold account on my new machine, saw the same balance. I assumed everything was fine and got rid of my old machine.

I haven’t received a single ad on my new machine in the ~2-3 months since setting it up. I’ve verified notification settings are enabled. I’ve switch brave ads on/off multiple times, checked for updates etc. Nothing has worked.

Is there something else I can do to re-sync my account with whatever backend is not picking me up?

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I have not changed anything regarding my machines. My surfing habits have remained the same, and despite being set to 10 ads/hour, I’ve been served zero on any of my four devices (same account). I only realized this a few weeks ago. I believe ads from January were the last time I received any BAT.

Yeah, that should be the right step. Let me ask, did you do a “clean install” of Brave after you formatted your old iMac or what steps did you take to get Brave on it? Purpose of my asking is if you manually moved folders over instead of downloading from the website, it’s possible that things weren’t done 100% as needed and it got flagged. If you did a fresh install of Brave and then hit Verify and signed in on your Uphold account, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Suggests you’ve been flagged or there’s some sort of issue. It sounds like you’ve already been checking out some things, but if you didn’t go down the list, try checking list of things that can interfere that I posted on my FAQ at PSA: User FAQ - Support & Answers, particularly at What are things that can interfere with Brave Rewards?

Beyond that, we’re kind of stuck with you having to contact Brave with your Wallet Info. Instructions are on that FAQ under What should I do if I am not seeing ads? What do I do if I don't receive BAT for ads?

Sorry haven’t responded in 17 days. Just now happened to see your Topic. Lot of people post here and it’s a challenge to see and get to all.

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