Huge and very concerning privacy issue on new tabs

when opening new tabs, a huge and very concerning privacy issue appears: icons of last visited websites should never been shown - how can we disable it easily and lasting? and how planned it is to Brave browser coming with it disabled by default in the next versions?

Those are “top-sites”, which are auto-populated. They can be pinned and removed but will be re-populated after further browsing.

  1. We are working on several new tab page fixes and enhancements, one of which will be adjusting this functionality so users are able to turn off top sites entirely if they wish.
  2. If you want to be truly private, you have the option of using Private window (or Private /tor windows) sessions where no browsing data is saved or brought over from your standard browsing sessions.
    Additionally, you may find the Clear data on exit feature particularly useful as well. I believe if you elect to clear Browsing history on exit, these sites will also be wiped/reset.

thanks for the feedback, @Mattches - these “top-sites” are indeed way very annoying… :S - item 1 is what i’m really looking for, would be really neat having such feature available - about the 2nd paragraph of item 2, i actually did it before that screenshot above (yesterday); and the 1st paragraph, i actually use it eventually (more on computers of friends, or computers at public places like libraries or schools)