Stetho from facebook isn't working

Hey there,
I am an Android developer and need to use the debug development tool Stetho from Facebook, which isn’t working with the current version of brave, as it is working with chrome at the same time.

See the picture below:
you reach the page on the screenshot via brave://inspect/#devices
Normaly with the click on inspect you can inspect debug versions of apps which are running on an emulator or a connected device. A fullsize window opens and gives you multiple tabs to work with…
but as you can see only an empty black window opens and nothing happens.

If you need any further informations please reach out! I would love to help :smile:


Link to Stetho:

Please move this ticket if it is not at the right place… #FirstPost

@Makzimalist I’m not really sure about this. cc @sriram @Mattches for additional assistance.

Maybe because remote debugging is disabled?

Thanks for reaching out – and your post is in the right place and well written.
While I don’t have any experience with Stetho unfortunately but I believe that @eljuno is correct as I’m assuming your device is connected via usb as well to test the app on it’s intended platform – is that correct? Additionally, you can double-check https://brave/settings/content/usbDevices and ensure it’s not set to Block:

Thanks @eljuno and @Mattches for your answers but sadly this wasn’t the problem, as the option was enabled.
But it was super hard to find the function :smiley:
correct link to the page: brave://settings/content/usbDevices

your device is connected via usb as well to test the app on it’s intended platform – is that correct?

Yes that is correct. either it is connected via usb or an emulator to test an app on the android platform itself.

Any other suggestions?

Any updates on this? I’m facing the same issue.

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nope sadly nothing :confused: … idk if they are still on this

Thank you for bumping this thread – apologies for the long wait. I’ll try and make some noise about this later today. Appreciate your patience.

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