How can I develop brave on Android Studio

I would like to know that how can I develop brave on Android Studio and use emulator when I am developing.

I have a similar question. For me, in Android Studio, when I try to run the brave-browser code, I am presented with an empty “run/debug configurations” dialog. I am not sure why or what I should configure.

Any help/guidance is highly appreciated.

@denizgencay @tacobytes Welcome to the community.

I think you have posted in the wrong category. I think this post belongs in the Contributing category and probably the Developers sub-category specifically. Please make sure you read the About post pinned to each category/sub-category for more information.

@denizgencay You can change the topic category of your post. Just select the pencil icon at the end of the title and use the dropdown to select a new category.

There is also a lot of information at the Brave GitHub site. I will post a few links as examples of the type information available. Please note that Android information can be lumped in Linux documentation, so if you are following links and Android is not specifically listed, check the Linux documentation.

Hope this helps. Take care. :slight_smile:

Thank you! I was able to also find the builds and download and install the respective apk file(s) for android to test the latest changes here

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