Youtube is not workng properly

youtube is not working properly as it is always remove searvh whenever you press enter

and also video cannot be fast forwarded neither with click nor with arrow keys

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@Amansingh4699 ,

Given that your Brave Browser version numbers are unknown, here . . . the latest Brave Browser version is 1.38.111 (May 2, 2022). Please update to that.

Next consideration, may be stranger than fiction, but the following might be related(?!):

The steps, re “de-AMP”:

In a Brave Browser > New Window , go to brave://flags

Search for Enable De-AMP and select Disable

Exit/Quit Brave Browser

Start Brave Browser

Next attempt:

Go to: brave://chrome-urls/#internals in a Brave Browser > New Window.

About that, @cobrax2 wrote:

@Taomyn , soon after, wrote that another fix worked:

Another recent problem that causes a variety of issues/symptoms . . .

See: Problem, Brave shields they are disabled by default - #7 by Mattches

and the next reply, there.

Another recent problem - Media Keys

Seeing the same issue here among other issues. Brave really borked this release…

Not working, please give proper solution otherwise don’t make fun

@Amansingh4699 and anyone encountering this,
Can you please provide all the information requested in the editor so that I can better assist you? On my end, Youtube seems to be working normally on both macOS and Windows 10 systems.

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