SS33: smart pip mode - better tiktok integration (or other video social/websites) picture-in-picture

PS: in brave i don’t see pip at all.

4) remember tiktok specific size
  1. keep always on top over all mac apps

  2. please go to next tiktok automatically

  3. allow extension in pip mode, so i can download tiktok videos in pip mode with the overlay button

PS: about 6) i already told to them inside my 50+ suggestions to tiktok too, but maybe brave is able to fix it. i hope auto for both pip mode and normal web browsing.

8)add possibility to add multiple url inside a list of pip mode, so a sort of playlist pip mode.

  1. maybe like 8 with collections or bookmarks folders, so you pip mode randomly url

  2. add to bookmarks inside pip mode directly, especially if you implement 6)

  3. same like 10 for collections

  4. maybe a separate history for pipmode visited urls (if 6. is implemented)

  5. we cannot change the size, we can only change position.

yes pip is over all mac apps (i see it now after enabling with 1. )

  1. remember to add even the option “keep behind mac app too”. so both option should be available.
  2. better audio control panel, where we see all tabs with audio active and we can choose where to keep audio on or off. for example if 300 tabs are opened, but 20 with audio, in this panel we see only the 20 tabs.

17,18) see above

  1. ability to quick copy url link or share the video (in pip mode)

  2. screenshot feature integrated in pip mode.

  3. loop from x to y example from 0 to 0.22 in this video, by skipping the rest

  4. continue to loop, even if i launch another website, in this case you have 2 audios, 1 with pip, 1 without. would be cool the loop function for normal browsing too (is possible via extension…)

  5. remember the dual mode suggestion: pip and full mode at the same time

about 24) it depends how you implement all that. if you do like 360chrome, where each video has separate pip

then allow both option “deactivate audio in dock mode” or “keep audio in dock mode” (not available in 360). what i like is that i can pip my videos in the dock. so if you use a player, maybe a way to pip the player in the dock is cool too, with both option “audio on” “audio off”.

  1. if there is no idea for 23) then a way to switch from pip to full faster, and from full to pip too

about 26) i know this get against tiktok policy, but maybe useful for other websites**.

is not possible to download it at all, since it doesn’t work. plus the fact that tiktok download is not directly a feature a browser need to support and extension can do it perfectly. so the point is to add it for other websites, that allow you to download videos without copyright problem…

  1. spotify player should be different from video player. so we can have spotify and pip at the same time.

  2. 2x click switch size

for example with opera max size is