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Hello, I have some problem in using brave mobile related to using spotify web player. I can’t play the web player since it says that something protected content and I have check the setting of sites and it is allowed to play protected contents even though I can’t play it. I use both desktop and mobile version of brave and both are sync also I can play it on my desktop but can’t on my mobile.

Description of the issue:

How can this issue be reproduced?

1.Go at web spotify online player.
2. Try to login with your account.
3. Now try to play any song

Expected result: It should play but it isn’t and saying protected content blocked

Brave Version( check About Brave): 1.26.74

Mobile Device details Vivo 1603 or y55l and I check it’s L3 widevine support.

Additional Information: Please try to repeat this when you login in spotify. I used web player without sign in and it worked but after sign in it doesn’t let me play and still saying “protected content”

Spotify and Brave mobile don’t currently play well, at least when I last test this.

Just saying but can’t you just download the Spotify app instead of using the web player?

Huh, Nope I can’t
I like web surfing more because i don’t get ads and also i don’t wanna keep a extra app just to cover my storage.

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I think it’s been so long and other users also reported but I guess brave isn’t in any mood to fix this.

Its not problem of brave . Even in other browsers of Android phone Spotify doesn’t allow to use web player. Web Player only works on dekstop. unless u trick Spotify that your using desktop.
you can download Spotify lite. or after visiting site … click add to home from brave to create shortcut link.

Nah, dude I tried other browser such as opera touch and it worked on mobile web version with no problem.
I’m gonna try more browsers
Edit:- Dude it works with every browser first test it and then say

Here dude I just make a video to proof
In video you can see two spotify both are web app and the left is microsoft edge and the right one is brave. I open both and you can see results

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Just saying, because I wanna make this post active
is this problem fixed yet ?

same issue can’t fool spotify web player on cellphone. one way around is to connect the device while playing on desktop but as soon device disconnects ads starts showing and still you have to download app. hence for now no permanent solution. better to switch on youtube music and paste the playlist there.


Is it possible to change the user agent on Brave mobile?

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