Spotify is glitching out

Description of the issue: Spotify is skipping to the next song every 1 second automatically.
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Go to Spotify Web App
  2. Try to play a song

Expected result: It will start skipping songs automatically

Brave Version( check About Brave): V1.27.111

Additional Information: Started happening when I updated to this version.

Could you check whether disabling Brave Shields via the icon in the address bar resolves the issue?

@Rethanis, I know this is out of topic but I want to know when “spotify web online playback disable” problem gonna fix on android brave version.

Ehm, I’m an ordinary Brave user, I don’t know when/if Brave developers will fix a specific issue.

I found a Github report regarding the issue you’re experiencing, but there isn’t a set milestone so it’s unknown when a fix will be pushed as of the moment.

This bug is been in brave since ages. I wonder when they are gonna fix this. RIP

The orginal poster isn’t refering to this bug @Rethanis (though It’s a spotify issue rather than a Brave issue).

Test in private window mode @HjSingh7 Seems to be okay here, no glitches

My reply wasn’t to OP but @Adison.

I have tested other browsers as well
All browsers works.

Here is the post which you ignored a month ago.

If Spotify (mobile) actively targets Brave, which I’ve tried to bring to the attention of spotify and then ignored. I’ve logged a fault ticket, but unless spotify fixes not much I can do.

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