Spotify keeps crashing in Brave

**Description of the issue: Spotify stops playing music roughly every 30 to 60 minutes and crashes. Brave will give me the error code: out of memory.

**How can this issue be reproduced?: by playing songs in spotify for extended periods.

**Expected result: Music should continue to play and spotify shouldn’t crash

**Brave Version : 1.62.165

**Additional Information: I have window 11 running on my pc and have 32 gb of ram.


@CaptainAmurco Have you tried any of the basic troubleshooting steps? For example:

  • Opening in private window to see if it happens there?

  • Adding a second profile and testing it without changing settings or adding extensions

  • Disabling Shields to see if any problems

Testing these three and determining whether the issue persists can help point in the direction of what is or isn’t the problem.

Beyond that, can always test to see if it happens in Chrome and/or in either Brave Beta or Brave Nightly.

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@Saoiray I have tried the basic troubleshooting steps that you’ve mentioned but it didn’t chance anything, Spotify still crashes every 30 to 60 minutes.

I have on your suggestion attempted using Chrome to see if the problem persists and it does. It might be a problem with Spotify rather than brave, I’m going to make a bug report there rather than here.

Thanks for your help anyway.

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Yeah, so Chromium and/or Spotify issue perhaps. That might be a good thing as it’s usually quicker and easier to get devs to test and fix issues on chromium compared to having people on Brave work on it. There’s just a huge difference in the amount of people and overall resources available for fixes.

Hopefully you can get it reported to both places and they can help resolve.

I’d like to add that I have this same issue. Windows 10, 64 GB of RAM. The browser itself doesn’t crash and it doesn’t slow down my computer or even other Brave tabs. Task manager also will not show a huge amount of memory usage either, so it’s not actually out of RAM. Happens regardless of if the Spotify tab is in focus or not - playback will just stop and it will have the Aw Snap out of memory error. I didn’t have this issue on vanilla Chrome, only on Brave. Much like the OP, I run into the problem after playing about 20+ minutes of audio, which happens to me a lot cause I listen to a lot of podcasts on Spotify.

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@rhombusx so this is where you differ from OP. If you look at their last reply, they attempted on Chrome and the issue occurred there. So it’s a bit interesting to see how experiences differ. It’s also a good representation for why it can be so hard to figure out what’s causing issues and get fixes out when people experience any problems.

I just recently faced the same issue. It happens basically after every 20 to 30 minutes. Spotify just crashes and shows the message Ah snap… and asks to reload. But it is definitely a chromium issue not a Brave browser issue coz I tried it in Vivaldi, Google Chrome & Ungoogled Chromium and faced the same issue there as well. Although Microsoft Egde seems to work fine. I’ve been using it for Spotify since last 2 hours or so and haven’t faced any issue.

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Same issue here, been experiencing this for the last 2-3 weeks. Happens in Linux and Windows. 32 gbs of ram.

I noticed that the exact issue is spotify consuming up to 8gb of ram, and then it crashes. I contacted Spotify support but with no real way to reproduce the issue they couldn’t help.

Today it happened again multiple times, and, at least on Linux, I managed to save a memory heap snapshot (the tab was frozen so I’m not sure if it saved correctly) if that’s any help. I have no clue about what I am looking at, but looks like there are a lot of resources consumed by google recaptcha.

I have the .heapsnapshot file in my computer in case someone needs it.

I’ve the same problem here.
It looks like it happens when the tab turns into “idle/sleep mode” to save CPU and RAM.
I give a try to disable the “Auto discardable” option for my Spotify tab in the brave://discards/ page.

happening here to. it crashed exactly at 30 min.
Tried this “discardable” workaround but no luck.

So people have said they experienced issues on Chrome and all. But has anyone tested on Firefox? Might be good to test to see if it happens there. If so, it’s a site issue. If not, then definitely a Chromium only thing.

And if Chromium only, might want to go create tickets there as it usually is easier to get recognized and fixed upstream than it is through Brave. I didn’t look to see if there are any open issues on it over for Chromium.

Its not happening in firefox (123.0). Apparently its a chromium issue indeed.

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I believe it was fixed.
Version 1.63.162 Chromium: 122.0.6261.69 (Official Build) (64-bit)
over one hour on spotify and no crashes.

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It was not. I have also new version 1.63.162 Chromium: 122.0.6261.69 (Official Build) (64-bit) but it keeps crashing. I noticed that it only happens in idle mode as someone pointed out. Memory footprint keeps increasing until Aw Snap (out of memory) occurs. When I jump back to spotify tab, memory footprint slowly decreases back to about 200 Mb.

You’re right. It’s not crashing when spotify’s tab is focused. only in idle.

Anyway, i believe i found a workaround

Edit: nevermind, this just delays the inevitable.

i blocked the script “service-worker.js” and so far the crashes ceased.

@GVT @CaptainAmurco @rhombusx @clipped67 @Sulivann

Taking in some of the feedback all of you have mentioned, I did want to circle back around to something simple we might have skipped over. If you go to SettingsSystem which is brave://settings/system, do you have Memory Saver turned on?

Also, there’s a setting there to add sites you want to keep active. Guess just wondering as Sulivann mentioned things like idle/sleep mode and all, if we just all bypassed this setting in what we looked at and if it might be that simple…

If that’s not the issue, what might be helpful is for you to share some recent crash report ID. Go to brave://crashes to get to it. If it says Send Now, make sure to click that and then exit Brave for a few seconds. Go back to brave://crashes and you should see the words Uploaded Crash Report ID. If you can copy/paste some of the recent ones it will give some logs that Brave can look at for clues. (Copy/paste, don’t screenshot. Makes it easier to look up and less chances for typos)


Memory Saver was off.
lets see if with it turned on makes any difference.

Edit: Nope. It still crashes.

Status: Uploaded
Uploaded Crash Report ID: 10aa0300-0f95-950b-0000-000000000000
Upload Time: Thursday, February 29, 2024 at 4:04:23 PM
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Been going on a bit long enough, let me tag in @Mattches as well to make sure he has eyes on it.

Yep, eyes on this.
Does appear to be a Chromium issue and I’ve let the team know that this is happening ether way.

Will reply here if I have any new information.


In case anyone wants to reproduce this bug faster, go to any podcast episode and set the playback speed to 2x or more.