Sponsored Ads not paying at all since today

Today all sponsored ads have stopped paying me, This happened almost all second half of last month also, I see the sponsored images but the estimated pending reward does not get raised at all. Its the same on my phone ,laptop ,pc, other pc without an account . Is there anything i can do to fix this, I also noticed that eToro ads started today so that might be the problem.


The same thing has been happening to me :upside_down_face:


Same issue here but I havent been receiving any BAT for ads since yesterday.
Yesterday all ads seemed to be eToro and today its Gala games i think. No change in BAT for over 20hrs now

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It happened to me as well. Just wait and try reloading the page a few times every hour or so. It’s just a little visual bug, I believe. Eventually, the BATs you have will increase, showing the real amount you have.

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If it’s any use, I haven’t been able to fix it

Same here. Still stuck for the last 2 days.

Ads show up regularly. Ad campaigns have changed twice but still no change in ad or bat count.

@Mattches a lot of us are having this problem. Any possible solution to this?

I have this same problem. I see the wallpapers, but I don’t get the rewards since early in the morning. my bats are at 2,320 and do not increase after I see the wallpapers. it is now 20:52 and no reward has been won

These sponsor ads should pay out one time only each month or just removed altogether, kinda redicious so many posting about not seeing pending reward immediately after loading 4 tabs ever single hour

Me too, It says on my ads history that I viewed the sponsored image but my BATS still the same.

Same here.

No longer receive any ads on the nightly version, and on the regular brave version I get ads, but the ad counter does not increase (stuck at 57 for a while now) and my estimated rewards are displaying at zero (was over 1 Bat a few days ago).

This morning my ad counter finally budged to 58 but I didn’t even see an ad! Estimated rewards went from zero to 0.1, still missing all the BAT from the rest of the month.

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