No Ads Showing Since 4-5 Days

Hi everyone,

I’m not seeing Brave Ads since 4-5 days. I’m also viewing some sponsored images at the New Tab page, but not seeing my BAT Estimated Pending Rewards amount raising.

Also, the BAT amount i see has stopped to raise, for these last 4-5 days, it even slightly reduced, (from 1.7-1.8 BAT, to 1.6 BAT), with no apparent reason.

I would be very thankful if i could receive some guiding and support from the community.

Thank you very much in advance.

Bests Brave Community ^^.

Me too have you fixed the issue?I had brave before and it worked just fine

No mate, that’s why i asked it here. I’m asking for help, i don’t think that the algorithm can’t find any ad to show me for 5 days and above all, the Sponsored Images are there, maybe each 4-5 times that i open a New Tab, so i should see some increasing of my BAT Reward only for that.

We’ll see if someone answer to us.

Bests ^^.

I update the status.

It looks like it’s already solved, i went to check if there was any new version of Brave (i had 1.3.115), and after see there was 1 new (1.3.118), even before close it or update it to that version, i saw another ad and my BAT amount increased by 0.1 BAT, after the upgrade, i see ads again, so it looks like it’s already solved.

And 1.4.93 is at Pre-release on Stable/Release Channel, so we can expect a few news from that :slight_smile:.

Thank you, great Brave community :wink: .

Bests ^^.

Awesome @Takuya - I’m glad that the update did the trick.

@Zurio - have you been able to update yet?

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