Please add Tab Split View (Just like Arc browser has)

Hi team, I love Brave. What I really would like to have in Brave is a tab Split View, just like in Arc. It makes the work even faster inside the browser with multiple tabs open. Here is the link to the Arc browser Split View description: [Arc browser Split View description:

Thanks for all your amazing work!

Keep rockin’ :metal:


They have this function available on Edge as well. Because of this feature alone, I’ve been tempted to use Arc more lately, so I hope Brave can integrate it.

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They have this in the latest nightly build now!

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I use the current Nightly on desktop. How can I test this feature?

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Yes — this feature will be available in the release build soon. It is currently available in Nightly behind a flag. If you’d like to test the feature, go to brave://flags and search for brave-split-view:


Will there be a way to move tabs around to different split view groups? Also a way to add tabs to the split view group? Maybe a dropdown for the Left/Right tab to select a different tab? @Mattches

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