Speedreader fonts

How can I change the font in Speedreader?
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This option doesn’t exist at the moment.
But has been announced to be part in future updates.

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Right now you can use extension like dark reader or go to brave flags brave://flags/ and enable Auto Dark Mode for Web Contents.

Current implementation of speedreader in brave is just bare bones. There are some extra features needed to be worked on. From privacy wise, right now it is solid.

How can dark mode help with font change? I have an extension (Dark Reader) who’s doing a great job, but I cannot change the font. Or can I?

You can use Adblocker procedural cosmetic Style rules in custom filters (I think the only procedural cosmetics Brave supports) to modify Speedreader body’ id.

Of course changing fonts is not as deep as other settings since there are not many fonts to choose from.

But you can use a rule like this:

Example.Domain###article:style(font-family: "Courier New" !important; font-size: larger; color: crimson;)

as you can see I added 3 rules for font, size and color, which you can see when you use the devtools under the Article’s div “Injected stylesheet”.

You can inject modify/add everything with Style procedural cosmetics in page’s css, but you should check stuff, like, if a change doesn’t happen in the website and the property already existed and you are modifying it, it is more likely you have to add !important to the property, but for example, since font-size and color didn’t exist in the css of SpeedReader then important isn’t necessary.

My bad, I thought that your font change statement meant that font colour change (background change), not actual font change.
I read your first post incorrectly.