Speedreader is working, but I want to customize it as I can customize Immersive Reader in Edge or Reader Mode in Chrome

Brave Speedreader
Chrome Reader Mode:

Edge Immersive Reader, my favorite overall

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I never get to see the “SpeedReader” button on Brave:

For example, on this page:

it does not appear to me to be able to press it and go to that mode, what about you? Can anyone help me? It is a feature that I missed a lot because I used it a lot in Firefox (where I can pass to that mode the page I referred to before).

Thanks a lot!

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Lol. I counted myself licky to even have it! Try updating, then look for Reader Mode and Speedreader in Settings.

I am using the latest version of Brave on Windows 10:

But I can’t find these options in the settings:

Could you show me a screenshot where I can see them?

And could you tell me a page where you could activate that mode?

Thanks a lot.

Type brave://flags in the address bar. It’ll take you to experimental settings. Search for Reader mode and Speedreader.

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Now I have succeeded!

Thank you very much for your help.