How to change the reader mode background color


All other browser’s reader modes offer the possibility to change the background to black or sepia etc.

Brave’s is bright white and I see no option to change this. Though it’s a basic feature.

Thanks for your help!

Go to settings → Appearance ->Brave colors → Select Dark


It’s already in dark mode and doesn’t correlate with the reader background.

Umm what do you mean by reader mode ?

You could go to brave://flags and search for enable-force-dark

For the moment you need to use an extension or Brave adblocker to change the appearance of Speedreader, but Brave should use dark background when you have Dark theme on Brave and white if you are using Light. So, it should be recognized now.

Brave is working on a new Speedreader panel to make things easier though, it is available in Nightly but it is still early WIP it seems and it can only force it through terminal because not even a flag exists to enable it. Currently only the background color works, nothing else, It still even says “nytimes com” in any page, but it gives you an idea how they are working on it and what they will bring eventually to Stable, someday and it should be okay when released.

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