Speedreader and Reader View

Speedreader feature is useless at all.
The Reader View extension doesn’t work at all.
But the Brave developers never give an explanation or help.
They are mute, and leave everything to the community.

SpeedReader works great here.

It works quite well here, but I need to change the voice of the text to speech and I don’t know how, I can only see the Spanish voices, even though I have English and Polish also installed in my computer and default language for Brave UI is english. Can someone help me with this?

When I click Switch to Reader View, appears in the lower right corner:

Error in invocation of scripting.executeScript(scriptingScriptinjection
injection, optional function callback): Error at
parameter ‘injection’: Unexpected property: …

Can you please share a screenshot of it exactly what it is you’re seeing on your end so I can best assist you?

Thank you

Thank you for your help.

Apologies but I misunderstood the issue here. So on my end using Win10, the Reader View extension does seem to be working just fine. Can you create a new/fresh profile (make sure you close your original profile window)and try using the Reader view extension there and test to see if the issue persists?

Sorry, I didn’t mention that I use Win7/32-bit.
Could that be the reason?

I would still test the extension in a new profile but yes, it could be a compatibility issue w/Win7.

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