Space bar not working on Youtube

Ever since I started Brave, the space bar in Youtube wouldn’t work. The space bar pauses and unpauses the video but when I try to search something up or write a comment, it doesn’t make a space.

To Reproduce

  1. Set Youtube location to Japan (I didn’t try the space bar before switching locations so I’m not sure if this part actually matters)

Expected result:
When the space bar is pressed while commenting or searching, a space is made

Brave Version(check About Brave):

Additional Information:
I believe this is a Brave problem instead of an Youtube problem because when I do the same thing in Bing, the space bar works.
The space bar continues to not work even after I switch my location back to the US

This happened to be when using youtube for some time, its seems to be random im in the USA and it also happened, also the forward and all keyboard controls won’t work not just only the space bar.

Im on Mobile IOS

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