something went wrong connect bravo in uphold


same issue, and no one can answer me. One say : “it’s a maximum devices reached”
another one say : “it’s a problem on your phone”

In fact, no one know what is the problem. I encountered another issue : if you go to uphold on your phone, and “more” and “integrations” go to “Brave Browser” and click just on “brave://rewards” ou get the same error : “Something went wrong blah blah blah”

this if f*ing sad


i guess the problem is to open a link like “brave://rewards” directly on the app or FROM the app (uphold)


I have the same issue


Same issue with me. This month I suddenly cannot connect to my Uphold wallet in Brave on Android. When I try to reauth it gives me the same “something went wrong” error in Uphold and my wallet stays “Logged Out” or “Disconnected”. Seems to be a different issue every month with rewards.


This looks like a screenshot of your Uphold app rather than your Brave browser. If you’re trying to Verify Brave with Uphold, you need to make sure it’s not opening the Uphold app when you do this. One way is to uninstall Uphold from your phone, but the other is to go to Settings > Apps in your Android settings and then scroll to Uphold. I forget the term, but there’s something like “Open With” or whatever that you can change the default to. If it’s set to open on links, then you’ll never be able to connect to Brave.

Another way around it sometimes is to have a second tab open where you to go and Log In, then while that’s signed in, go to other tab and Verify the wallet. The hope is it will see it still connected and then link.

The issue is that it has to connect via the browser. So when you take it to the app, it’s unable to finish its secure connection as it’s basically still waiting at the Front Door while you entered through the Back Door, lol.

@Marcelo37, same to you. Can y’all verify whether you have Uphold app on your phone and if it was getting opened while you were trying to Verify?


I used the uninstall uphold method then proceeded to log back into uphold using the brave browser instead of the app. I was able to successfully verify my wallet using uphold! Thank you.



Indicate i have the max device connected. BUT this device was already associated before …

Brave team indicate me that the limitation restriction is supressed in march. But. When ?

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Did you reinstall on that device or do something like a system restore? Because if so, that can make it appear as a new device. What they are referencing as “device” is actually the encryption code within the browser. If you uninstall it or anything of the sort, then it generates a new code (internal wallet) that would make it appear to be a new device.

No specific release date. In fact, never saw anyone from Brave suggest it in March but I have seen other users suggest around March 27. If you want to follow the status of it, the Github link is and you can track its overall status at

It needs to go to In Review and then it will be implemented for Users, at which point it goes to Done.

We should have a completed change in our staging environment by late Q1 (so we can begin testing). If testing goes well, we’ll have this available to users a few weeks after that

If as assume March as end of Q1, means at some point this week they will have it go to testing. Then if all goes well, we’d have it a few weeks later. So we’re looking most likely around April of the very end of this month before we see it, at the earliest.

I had the same problem last month and didn’t receive my rewards for previous month. I fixed it by uninstalling the uphold app and signing in using the browser.

Also I haven’t received reward for this month.

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