Something new, Brave Early Access - a call for volunteers!


I would like to join the Brave Early Access group.
Thank you.


I would like to volunteer please


Hello, I’d love to join the opt-in testing of the new Brave features!


I’d like to help too!!!


Wanna join the early access


I would like to join the early access. Thank you.


Hi @alex
I am ready to help you too
Ty <3


Hello Alex,

I would like to participate in the beta test.


I’d like to be included.


I would like to participate in the early access program. Thank you.


me too. I would love a browser that does away with ads


I’d like to join too


Hi @alex I’d love to be part of the Early Access!


I would like to participate. Thanks.


Raises hand and waves it about to generate 20 characters


I would like to try it as well!


Hey there, Count me too, plz


Alex, I would like to join the Brave Early Access.

Thank you


I’m all in. I want join this tryout!!!

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Hey y’all!

Thank you so much for the response!
It’s overwhelming to see how many folks want to help out. I’m quite humbled.

I’ve closed the pool for now. I’d like to make sure I am able to take good care of the volunteers and this is about the most I can honestly manage.

If you didn’t make it into the pool and would like to help out Brave, we would certainly appreciate any collaboration here on the community by helping other users as well as opening issues and landing PRs on Github.

We deeply appreciate any contributions of your time & energy. Thanks for helping us to change the web!

:heart::lion: - Alex