Brave rewards claimed, but its now showing

I claimed my brave rewards for the month of january 2022. but after refreshing, its showing 0. Don’t know where the points vanished.

Please help.

When I check the statement, the rewards are showing there.

Is your wallet unverified, hence not connected to Uphold or Gemini? If so the ads stay in the local wallet and is usually shown in the bottom as the picture shows the 1 BAT received

I have a uphold verified wallet.

Not sure if maybe there is some issue happening. I have not received any Uphold payments myself so I cannot say. However, I received my Gemini payout yesterday and for some reason it showed it as the claims are ready and drag the triangle in the square etc like one would do with an unverified wallet. It showed the BAT reflected and then upon refreshing it did not show. I think it is exactly like what happened to you. With the exception being I did not see any BAT showing in the monthly statment, and I did check that.

Edit, Just logged into Gemini and it does show the balance. I do not have access to my Gemini Brave computer right now so I cannot share any more info on what it is showing in the rewards on the browser etc

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Yes you are right, this happened with me. What to do now. In case one has not verified his/her wallet and claimed the rewards by dragging the triangle, then how can he/she now get the rewards reflected??

when I log out of uphold wallet, it shows 1 BAT (rewards from ads) on the bottom side and when I login to uphold wallet, the 1 BAT which was showing on the bottom vanishes.

Screenshot 2022-02-08 215908

Will anyone reply please??

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