Something flaky going on with update

According to Brave Release Notes the latest update was Sept 16.
But today Brave started trying to update and failed.

I then downloaded the installation program ran that and it failed too.

Everything is up and running OK for me, but it looks like there’s some big problem on the other end of the Brave update pipeline.

Announced it at Release Channel 1.58.129 and it’s listed as well at

That said, I do see what you mean about now showing it yet. THey did just release it today and it doesn’t always reflect there immediately. I can tag in @steeven on it just so he can make sure it’s updated here soon.

They released a new update today, small one, but instead of figuring out why it is not working, you easily just download standalone versions and manually update it from Github.

This is the one from today which has the release notes and all:

The installers you might want to use are:

  1. BraveBrowserStandaloneSetup.exe if Brave is installed in Program files.

  2. BraveBrowserStandaloneSilentSetup.exe if you installed through winget or something and it is installed in %localappdata%/BraveSoftware.

I recommend using the silent installer for per user installs, because you won’t mess and give admin rights if that’s not what you want. But with [BraveBrowserStandaloneSetup.exe if you don’t give admin rights it will also install ‘per user’ and not for all users.

I see I was not clear. I have the Sept 16 update since sept 16.
This is some new spurious thing.

Edited to add: It just occurred to me maybe the site updates come from is down?

An update was released today. So that’s not the September 16 one. That’s a September 20 update.

As I stated, it is reflected in two different places. I also acknowledged that i see they didn’t update it to be shown on a different page, which it sounds like you were looking at.

In terms of update failing, this happens sometimes. It especially occurs if you change tabs while it downloads and installs the update. Usually you have to exit out and go back, at which point it successfully does the update.

There’s just like three different statements in your post and I was focused on just one in my initial reply. Just hit a second one now.

I just ignored the idea of you running installation program and that you said everything was working okay. I figured letting you know about the recent update compared to when you said last update had been was more important.

Also figured Steeven would see since I tagged him and we’d all keep an eye out if anyone else reports issues.

However you slice it, update fails, whether within the browser or by running the installer.

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