Brave’s ios app is Unable to play YouTube videos in HD

The brave ios app on my iPhone doesn’t have the option to upgrade the video quality of YouTube videos from 360p to 720p or even 480p

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Hello @mrsinha, thank you for bringing this to our attention. Regarding resolution on YouTube, its something related to a YouTube it affects Brave in the same way it affects Chrome or other Chromium based browser, for more information please read:

Hope this information helps. Regards.

According to someone in that reddit post, you can’t play videos higher than 720p in ios browsers.

That’s not the case anymore. We offer the same video quality for youtube as other iOS browsers.
Please compare the same video url in our app and in Safari iOS or Chrome iOS, they should all offer the same quality.

As why sometimes it’s 360p on all browsers I don’t know, it’s on Youtube’s end to figure it out

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This link may help.

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