[Solved] The view for seeing all your open tabs is broken

Hi good people of Brave,
I’ve noticed for a while that I don’t get the stacked view of tabs open anymore. Instead what I see when I open my tabs is a list

I’ve uploaded a cropped screenshot of how it currently looks.

Brave Version( 1.20.108)

I’m using a Pixel 4a on Android 11

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Please check whether you changed anything under “Tab Grid Layout” from about://flags.

It should be default.

I couldn’t think of anything. Others might help if this is not helpful.

Thanks. Didn’t even know that one could get into those settings. It was set as default. I changed it to another one on the drop-down and there was no change.

Ill uninstall and try again

If you don’t have too much BAT accumulated you can reinstall. If not, wait for other replies too. Thanks… :+1:

Edit: This article explains some details for chrome if you see the list view. But I didn’t see the corresponding flag. Which version of Brave you are using? Mine is on beta and up to date.


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Just uninstalled and reinstalled and still the same :pleading_face:

Thanks. I just followed the link and fixed it :smiley:
thanks so much

If you don’t mind shall you try Beta or Nightly from Brave GitHub page and see how it looks?

Great… good that it worked out :grinning::+1:

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Can you please edit the title with “[Solved]” may be useful for others.

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