Android Brave tabs are back to cards

I had been using the stacked tabs view since it was reintroduced back into Brave for Android after Chrome had removed it. In the last week (don’t know exactly when), it has reverted back to displaying cards vice stacked tabs with now way to change it back.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Tap on the tab button to display tabs.

Expected result:

Stacked tabs.

Brave Version( check About Brave):


Mobile Device details

Samsung A515G; Android 13; Build/TP1A.220624.014

Additional Information:

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Yep. Ever since updating to the latest v1.58.131, Stacked Tabs are gone. Also, Simplified View For Tabs is broken. It just shows as the Grid View for me no matter what. I tried flipping it off, quitting, stopping the app, clearing the cache, launching Brave and flipping it back on, quitting/stopping/clearing, launching again. But it’s still the same. If I we can’t have Stacked Tabs back, I want the simplified tab view back again, please! There’s no setting in about://flags either.

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Can any developers address this issue? Thanks!

I would also like this issue to be solved.

1.58.137 update did not fix this.

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Update: 1.59.120 did not fix this. Also, “Simplified View For Tabs” option is gone.

1.60.110, still not fixed and option still missing. Should we just assume this is never coming back?

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We have been pushing to get an option in the browser for users to select their “tab layout” from a predefined list:

Unfortunately this change is likely to take a while still but it is being considered.

Simplified view for web pages is available in Settings --> Accessibility.

Thank you for the update! Hopefully this comes sooner rather than later. I really don’t like the card view at all… Also, “Simplified View For TABS” is what I was looking for that was removed, not “Simplified View For WEB PAGES” (which is still there).

Is it possible to bring back the “Simplified View for TABS” at least? I would like the stacked cascade tabs like it used to be, or the way that Firefox has tabs set up, but in the mean time I’d be ok with just returning back to the simplified view. My hands are small so it makes for an annoying one hand viewing experience just to go to another tab.

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