Soft scrolling within pages, known from Firefox

I would be happy if you could scroll “softly” within pages, like with Firefox. It’s probably just a phase of getting used to, but it’s more comfortable for the eyes, isn’t it?

@Asad @Mattches
Please answer.

Oh, yes, I forgot to mention: It shouldn’t be forced on everyone, you should be able to set which scroll you want to have.

Sorry for the delay. I believe the “Smooth scrolling” feature was available in the Muon build but hasn’t been implemented in core yet.

Will it be there soon? :blush:

The option of this extension exists: Chromium Wheel Smooth Scroller

Agreed, this is something Chrome didn’t have and I had to add one more extension just for that. Hope Brave can have that built in.

I have seen this in brave://flags, and it makes some difference, but the transition between scrolls is far too fast and at first I didn’t even notice the difference between it being enabled vs. disabled. It should be made longer for a smoother effect if they plan on working on it and adding it to the browser as a real feature (not experimental).