Scrolling/Color themes

I saw the scroller thing being brought up before, but it wasn’t followed through by poster. here it is. Brave lacks that awesome smooth scrolling that just lets you scroll exactly to the pixels you want. it’s not like that in mozilla or chrome. here a short clip.

It’s really useful sometimes.

Brave is the best browser, there are just those two features I miss, mostly from Mozilla. The other one is the colors. In mozilla you can make your drop down menus other colors as well, even transparent.
I have brave in blue, search bar is blue as well, but when I go to my fav (in the favorites bar) and click the folder, that white drop down menu with my saved favs comes down, it’s afwul. Also, on the left top when we click the 3 lines, just after VPN button, to open the menus, settins etc … it’s also white the drop down menu, although I selected blue theme.
If you could make those menu same color as the theme and also transparent, this would be awesome, make brave feel more personal, costumizeable.

Thanks a lot for paying attention to me. Non the less, even if you ig nore me, I’ll continue using brave as there’s no better alternative right now, but implementing those things would be great. And not that hard imo.


  • brave://flags/#fluent-scrollbars
  • brave://flags/#overlay-scrollbars

Smooth Scrolling

  • brave://flags/#smooth-scrolling (flag doesn’t mention if it is enabled or disabled by default)
  • brave://flags/#windows-scrolling-personality

Also… Auto Dark mode:

  • Brave://flags/#enable-force-dark
    • Enabled with simple CIELAB-based inversion or Enabled with selective inversion of non-image elements

If some website have trouble with auto dark mode, you can use the adblocker to control it.
I have explained it a trillion times, and the process is still the same. using the adblocker with the :style() action to modify CSS.

It can be done per elements as well, or remove the element that causes issues in pages in Auto dark mode, like backgrounds or background-blend-mode or something. It is fun to use the adblocker for more than ‘adblocking’.

Yep, scrolls as the video I captured, it’s not smooth like mozilla or chrome.

brave://flags/#smooth-scrolling is on by default so not need to enable it, flag is actually to disable it.

and also I mentioned brave://flags/#windows-scrolling-personality which does the scrolling by % and not by the 3 lines it does by default.

If enabled, mousewheel and keyboard scrolls will scroll by a percentage of the scroller size and the default scroll animation is replaced with Impulse-style scroll animations.

Also, you have to choose between fluent or overlay scroll bars. One is used by Windows, the other in Android so they only appear when you scroll. They are different, I use fluent ones, because sometimes scrollbars won’t show up in some elements as overlay.

Also, Brave is a spork, not a full fork, but not a soft fork either, but Brave get usually these changes from upstream Chromium, brave won’t implement their own ‘smooth scrolling’ or something, sometimes flags are just enabled and disabled differently between Chrome and Brave.
So I don’t know why Chrome is smoother, if they use the same browser engine code, Chrome is a Chromium fork as well and even if Chrome is close source, I can imagine they rarely make exclusive changes to Chrome from Chromium code.

I enable personallity as well, still same awful scrolling. It’s simply broken, something doesn;t work as expected. About dark mdoe, see here

I have no idea how enabling dark mode will help me get all those menus and backgrounds in blue? I said, implement if possible, shouldn’t be that hard, but as of now, olny mozilla has this. Not even chrome or edge. And it’s transparent. But the bigger concern is scrolling.

tried the lines as well, doesn’t work. Change windows setting to 1 line, only chrome edge and mozilla scroll smoothly and normal, brave is choppy.

Mouse is Logitech MX Master 3S, probably you have some trouble with those mouses and their software or whatever, but from all, only brave scrolls awful.

Don’t watch the video, apparently those menus don’t show for some idea. Windows recording doesn’t capture, nothing happens. Theme is xp-like blue in mozilla, some russian made it. Anyway, you get my point? Drop downs are the same as the whole browser color, not just black or white.

The thing is, it doesn’t scroll like that only on my main laptop, it scrolls like that on my desktop, on my old laptop, which is even windows 7 still and uses whole other software and settings and … it’s only brave that can’t scroll. Something really doesn’t work as expected here.

I use same logitech mouse on all. Has prob one of the best scrollers and sensitivity on the market.

That kind of scrolling/smoothness is absolutely not achievable in brave. No idea why or how, but there’s some code that’s not working.