So many issues, devices wont connect to verfied wallets, other device not showing adds at all

To start i had a ticket that was closed before i could turn in the requested information. Appartently i’ve linked too many accounts to my wallet and now i no longer am recieving rewards due to phone changes, beta installs and loading additional devices. Kind of sucks because there was no warning that only so many slots were allowed. Any rewards i do earn just dissapear and never get deposited because this. Half the time the 2 windows devices i have just stop showing me adds all together. One PC the only device that is still connected and allowed to be verified hasnt shown me a single add in well over a month. When will i be able to disconnect and reverify my intended devices. When will adds showing be fixed? basically im using BRAVE and getting 0 rewards. Im ready to return to Firefox or Chome.

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