Can't connect rewards, device limit reached?

I recently had to reinstall my OS, and reinstall Brave. Since then, I can’t link back up or verify wallet. I get this error. Screenshot 2021-10-22 034311

And my rewards were disabled and trying to re-enable them doesn’t work. Everything worked fine for months, but now I can’t link wallet.

When searching, people say it’s a device limit reached issue… which would make sense, since I reinstalled windows… so it’s a “new device”. People said someone here could PM me to get it sorted out/release a device from my account so I can link a new one. So hoping to get that help.

I also had read that an Oct 19th update to Brave could have tools that let users manage their devices… but I’ve updated to the latest version and don’t see anything like that.

So if someone could PM be and free up a device slot for me (if that’s the issue that could fix things) that’d be helpful. Thanks!

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