Rewards on devices are not working anymore

I had the issue of having 4 devices, but now non of them are working for me, I had to change my system to windows 11 and now I can’t get my Brave Rewards because it says that there are 4 devices non of them are actually active since I just got a new system. I only use one device and now I can’t use it anymore, can someone please tell me if there’s any way to just got back to only 1 device working with my rewards. it’s non-sense that these limitation it’s because I had to change my system. I can’t find my secret seed to get back either. I just only need help to get back to the brave rewards. I hope someone can really help me. Thank you for you valuable time.

Unfortunately, there is no way yet to have more device connected but I think you can use Gemini if it’s available in your country.

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