So decided to try Brave again but no streaming?

Description of the issue:
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Can’t stream from any of the major streaming services!

  2. I’ve read how to fix these issues but there are missing module so I can’t proceed!

  3. The missing component is WidevineCdm which is supposed to be under the brave://components area. So I’m stuck.

Expected result: I expect to be able to stream without jumping through hoops like this!

Brave Version( check About Brave): Up to date v1.52.126 (Jun 14, 2023)

Additional Information: None

No, it’s in brave://settings/extensions


Thanks. But why is the not turned on by default? I mean most folks browse to stream content of some sort! So that’s a very strange thing to find that turned off and all the info pages out there point to brave://components so that’s very misleading to have to know to ask in a community. Allot of folks might have given up on Brave because of this nonsense. I understand security just fine, trust me on that but this sort of issue can be a turn off to someone less technical! Just saying! :wink:

Thanks again. I’ll give this a try now…

Worked. thanks again!

Where? All the official guides say what I shared. Such as at I’d be curious to see where you saw it say to go to brave://components.

Privacy thing. Widevine is owned by Google. Not to mention leaving it enabled at all times can increase the likelihood of things being able to fingerprint you. Ideally you will want to use as few extensions and all as possible, if you care about privacy. Brave does help on preventing it through settings, but they try to have default settings to be balanced between privacy and also making sure sites work.

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