Missing plugin WideVineCDM not in missing plugin list

3 days ago, a few after initially installing Brave Browser on Windows 10 64-bit, while using Brave and crunched for time, a popup appeared covering the content that I needed to read quickly and go. This popup, the WideVineCDM agreement, required I read what appeared to be a long agreement in order to understand what I am to agree or disagree to.
Since I didn’t have time to deal with it at the moment, I simply didn’t agree not disagree, but X’d out of the window, so I could focus on the page I’d been previously reading, as most web/software installation agreements are quite long.

This morning, when I had time to deal with it, not being able to find it, I searched Help in Brave, which led me to: How do I view protected content? Brave Help Center
Scroll down to " Installing WidevineCdm", when I clicked the ‘Missing Content’ icon on the address bar, WidevineCdm was not listed. However, a missing plugin for Javascript was listed. So I enabled the Javascript plugin, hoping it would enable the missing WideVineCdm plugin, rebooted Brave, and tried to view known DRM content on YouTube in Brave, using a verified DRM protected content link. However, the DRM content did not play, and the page was blank except for white background and grey lines and circles, indicating invisible content placement.

I again searched Brave help for the WidevineCdm plugin, to no avail. Then I created my login here, searched the Community for same such help, also to no avail.

I have not yet tried uninstalling Brave, run CCleaner on system and software, running System Restore on Windows 10, reinstalling Brave, (knock on wood) and hope the plugin popup once again appears. Is that what I must do?

What do you suggest I do to remedy this situation, please?

Brave version:
Version 1.3.118 Chromium: 80.0.3987.116 (Official Build) (64-bit) (2/25/2020)

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Can you enable it via Brave’s Settings > Extensions?


It says “Ask when a site wants to install Widevine on your computer.” and is enabled. There is no other mention of it there.
Thank you.

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