Slow scrolling and fix

I have noticed that both on Windows and Linux, Brave is scrolling much slower than other browsers. It can be a deal-breaker for a lot of people who are trying it out for the first time. I have seen a couple complaints about it without answer.

A quick fix that worked for me is to install an extension that increases the scroll speed. I had success with this one, although others may work too:

At 1.5 scroll speed it feels snappy (as it should by default in my humble opinion).

Thank you for your feedback.
Given that this isn’t commonly reported I’m not sure I’d consider it a bug or issue. It sounds like you’ve found a workaround by adding the “Scroll Speed” extension which is good. I will keep an eye out for similar reports as well.

I am experiencing a similar issue as well. Scrolling is slow and choppy. I am using an M1 Macbook air. I had noticed it before until today, just started using the browser again for the last month or so. Hopefully, it solves itself. But I did want to just confirm I am experiencing as well.

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