Slow editing of bookmarks

I have about 7000 bookmarks. I found that adding bookmarks, moving bookmarks, and even selecting a bookmark have lags. I will perform an operation and the browser takes about 1 second to execute it instead of doing it instantly. The bookmarks tab is in general very laggy. This does not happen in Chrome.

Version 1.60.114 Chromium: 119.0.6045.124 (Official Build) (64-bit)

To confirm, you’re saying that you have the same 7000 bookmarks in Chrome and it does not exhibit the same behavior?

Do you have any extensions installed in Brave at this time? Sometimes they can cause odd behavior like this.

Yes, I have the same number of bookmarks in Chrome. I have a lot of extensions. Do mean that you expect Brave can handle this number of bookmarks without any problem?

I don’t see any reason why not — especially if Chrome is doing it. I suspect some of those are extensions might be the culprit. You can test this by disabling them all or alternatively, you can create a new temp. profile, export the bookmarks from your current profile (Bookmarks manager --> More options --> Export) and then import them into the new profile and see if the issue persists there.

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