Newbie questions: tabs and bookmarks

I’ve installed Brave today for the first time and there are a few questions I couldn’t find any answers to. I hope I’m in the right place.

For the sake of argument lets say I have 50 tabs in my browser window. (I usually don’t but it helps to demonstrate the issue.)

  • The browser cramps these 50 tabs into the width of the window, which is really unhelpful. Is there a way that one tab could have a min width of 60-70px and one could just scroll the tabs?
  • When I have these 50 tabs bookmarked and then open a new window with these 50 tabs, all of them are loaded, which takes a long time and a lot of memory. Is there a way that the content is only retrieved when I click on a tab?

Is there a way to have a sidebar for the bookmarks or do I always have to use the full blown Bookmark Manager?

K. C.

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Mloved it to a different category, since it has been ignored for almost a month in the feedback category.

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