Sites that won't load properly

I’ve stumbled upon two websites that won’t load properly, whatever I do (shield down scripts allowed),
Otherwise, Brave would be my default browser, I like it.
Thanks in advance for any help.

What is breaking on the site? I can see the chat box is broken here (cbox) is that the main issue?

well, chat cd box isn’t a problem, since shields down provides is a perfect solution for that. I can’t scroll page: it’s for me the still life itself (or the scrolling is so slow that I virtually can’t do anything on this site, and links are not clickable I can scroll the page, but the links aren’t clickable

Maybe, everything works (theoretically), but I couldn’t use these sites with the Brave (it’s a pity since otherwise I like it very much)

I noticed similar issues in Chrome, though it seems to better in Chrome Canary/Beta (Nightly build). I’ll re-test this once we roll out 80.x.x.x

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