Site specific language


I’m native non-English speaker, but uses Brave in English for at least three reasons (skip them if you want. They are not important for my request)

  • The translation of Brave and other software are often buggy, and inconsistent with other systems/translations, which makes it hard and annoying to read.
  • When searching for help and guides (well - not so much for Brave but for websites and other apps), it’s WAY easier to find the right solution in English than any other language I understand.
  • Shortcuts are more consistent in English, and hence easier to remember and use - which I do a lot.

My problem
A lot of web based tools, look up the language of the user, based on the language setting in the browser. That works for most tools - especially when they make it possible to override that guess. Unfortunately some sites won’t allow you to change language. For these sites, I would love to be able to change to my native language.

Why that, when you want every thing in English?
I don’t want everything in English. Formats for dates, numbers, currency to name a few, are different from my language to English. Here are a few examples:

  • Date: mm/dd/yy vs dd/mm/yy - works fine many times (well… for all dates from 13th and up), but when was 11/02/22? February or November?
  • Time: 2:30pm vs 14:30 (or is it 2:30?). Also fine most of the time, but is midnight/noon 12:00 am or pm?
  • Numbers: 1,234.56 vs 1.234,56. Again often fine, but what is 12,345? Twelve thousand-something or 12 plus a fraction?
  • Weeks: When does a week start? Sunday or Monday (or even Saturday???). Often fine, but when you just see a table of dates, and no weekdays, it’s hard to be sure…

Currently I’m using an ERP-system at work, which I can’t change to my local language. It’s not super user friendly (when I’m in a good mood…), and I have more than once accidently typed in 15 hours, when I meant 1.5 (or 1,5) hours. Often typen in on Sunday, when I thought it was the Monday (first day of week) etc etc…

The ERP is just one example. Quite some web-apps suffer from the same problem. Brave would be able to solve it.

My feature request
I would love to be able to select language PR SITE/DOMAIN.

My happiness if implemented
Very high! Working with user-harsh ERP-systems is a pain in the b… Working with user-harsh ERP-systems in a localization which make the meaning unclear is like having an itching ars and too short arms…

Thanks for Brave :slight_smile: