Site not verified - cannot send tips


I have followed through the steps of my site being verified as publisher, It was working for a few months, but not it is not working, and there is no options to tip the site:

I looked thought both WP and Brave Payments to see if they were any issues but nothing has changed.

Can someone please tell me why my site is not connect or verified and no longer able to receive tips? is the site that i had added to the publisher’s channel…


Hi @ainneo,
Please avoid to create multiple thread with same issue. :wink:

Can you elaborate more? What message that you see when you click Brave Rewards panel (BAT triangle icon) at URL bar? And your Brave version? Screenshot will be really helpful.


Hi Eljuno!

attached a screenshot, there is no place to send a tip… it does not say anything about the site being a publisher…

I went to aother verfied sites, and you can tip on other sites, but you can not even tip on mine…

Thanks for the info @ainneo,

We’ve an issue logged for that here where tip button sometimes not appear.

The team is working to fix it. :slightly_smiling_face:

It doesn’t mean that your site became ‘unverified’. It’s just a bug where Brave not show the button properly.

Just wondering. Can you navigate to different page of your site then click the Rewards panel? And see if the button showing there.


I tried to fix it - but it still does not seem to work… should i just delete everything and download again? And no I can not view the tip on any other page I navigate to… It just does not appear at all for my website… it appears for other sites and I am able to tip on other sites many times, but I can not tip mine.

Your site is ok se pic.

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Thanks for testing it. :slightly_smiling_face:

No need to reinstall IMHO, @ainneo. Like I linked above, the team is aware of this issue and working to fix it.

And @dejandex just shared (thanks! :wink:) that your site is working fine.

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No problem @eljuno :wink:

Hello, our site is also still not verified after completing all the steps (did it on both ways)

Can anybody help me?

hello, same problem for my site

If you see your website in your publisher dashboard, then it is verified. However, it may take up to 48 hours for your browser to sync up with the latest verified publishers.


hello thanks for your reply, I added and verified the site on 14 but still no update @chriscat

You’re verified for me:

If you want to try and force your browser to update the verification status, please try my instructions here: Signed up my Youtube for publisher rewards, but Youtube channel still listed as unverified

on ubuntu you have to update and restart brave. now it works thanks.