I can't send a second tip anymore

After the update Version 0.58.21 Chromium: 71.0.3578.98 (Official Build) (64-bit)
I can’t send a tip more than once at the same website.
And I can’t set a recurring tip if I sent already a one-time tip.



@overkill22 Thanks for reporting. Can you please let us know what was your total account balance? and for which site you wer trying to tip (Verified/non verified) pubs?

It would be great if you provide more details on Rewards data (Balance/ tip site/monthly budget etc).


i have the same issue, i managed to send the first tip and then the “send a tip” button is disappeared.

Also on other computers i tried to send the tip but it doesn’t work, the amount is still the same.

The website is https://letskillthenoise.com/
I have balance on my account.
As @andre28 said, the “send a tip” button disappeared for that site.

Now I’m noticing that there’s not the “brave verified publisher” for that site. That’s weird because it is registered in brave publishers.

It seems that the website is not verified anymore. I used the wordpress plugin to verify the website and the verification token is still there. On the publisher site, there’s no way to do the procedure again, so I have to delete the website form publisher and do the procedure again.
I have some pending payments, will this operation afflict the pending payments?

you site is ok no need to verify again.

@overkill22 are you seeing https://letskillthenoise.com/ site as non verified in the Rewards panel?
There is delay in fetching the publishers list that’s the reason verified sites are displayed as non verified.

Issue is already logged for it. Please track the issue here.

Regarding Send Tip button disappear, can you please try again and let us know is the issue still persists.?

Issue is already logged for tip not going through. Please track the issue here.


I don’t see any badge on my site, but @dejandex see it as verified (thanks btw!)

For me it is just that the button is not there anymore…

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We also have this issue logged for sometimes being unable to tip the same site twice:



Hi Lauren,
i have the same issue but now is many days that i can’t send a second tip to this publisher.
Don’t know how to solve it, could you point me to something to read?

Hey @andre28

What publisher are you trying to tip? Asking because we have an issue for not being able to tip Twitch publishers open: https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/issues/1814

If you’re not trying to tip a Twitch publisher, can you confirm if you have auto-contribute enabled? We currently have an issue where if auto contribute is disabled you are unable to tip some publishers: https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/issues/2084


Hi Lauren,
it’s a blog, not a twitch publisher.
I had auto contribute disabled, so now i have enabled it but until now it is still not working… i will wait some time to see if it re-appears :slight_smile:

Thanks @andre28! If it doesn’t start to work for you, could you either post the blog you’re trying to tip or, if you’d prefer not to post it here, you could always privately message it to me directly. I’d like to see if I could tip the blog.


Hi Lauren,
thank you for your kindness.
Here is the link to my blog: https://www.gaijin-riders.com/
I asked a friend to try and she managed to send to it tips more then one time, so i guess it might be just a problem with my computer.

I have same problem with youtube creators that I’ve tipped before and now can’t.


@andre28 could you also do one other thing please? Could you open your settings for Auto Contribute and send me a screenshot of your settings there?



Do you have Auto Contribute enabled or disabled?


here it is :slight_smile: thank you

I have Auto-Contribute toggled on @LaurenWags

heres the screen shot