Site cookie alert and acceptance not being saved

With many sites that I visit I am asked to select my cookie preferences. Often Brave will not save my preferences as next time I visit that site I get asked again, and again etc.

Example is

Also would be good if Brave could auto select cookies that are allowed.

Does anyone know if this is a Brave bug (forcing you to keep accepting/set Cookies) or a problem with the site or me not configuring it properly?

Advice appreciated.



The panel and its contents are all website issued.

@fanboynz will know if some, or all of, the inter-action between you and the website’s cookie-settings panel, might be automated / substituted.

I have cookie message blocked with Easylist Cookie @289wk @Ukjoe Which can get around these consent messages. (add in brave://adblock)

Thanks both @289wk and @fanboynz for your advice. I have tried that “Easylist-Cookie List - Filter Obtrusive Cookie Notices” and that has stopped the query which is great.

HOWEVER what does that mean? Does it mean that I get stuck with their default cookie settings (which Brave may block) or that I only get the minimum necessary cookies or…? Will the result vary from site to site?

Is it normal/standard to only have essential, peformance, functionality, targeting cookie categories? Can Brave be set to choose which categories, other than essential, are allowed?


We are implementing Easylist Cookie as a default list (soon). So everyone will experience a life with less consent messages by default.

I’m curious about this too. I couldn’t extrapolate the answer from the information given so asking again. Sorry if the information is there and just not interpreting correctly!

Will the cookie message block using Easylist Cookie work by only allowing Strictly Necessary Cookies and automatically blocking the other preferences? In other words, will Targeting/Performance/Functional cookies be disabled by default?

We can’t target specific cookies, we’ll just prevent as many cookie messages from showing as much as possible. If there is any webcompat issues (where a site needs a user to consent to a message), we’ll allow it.

More details will be released closer to the time

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Thank-you! I think I understand the gist for now, but will wait for the details. This will be nice and hopefully reduce the number of annoying messages popping up.

Thanks to @fanboynz and all the developers. Still not quite sure what this is doing (or how I can accept, for example, functional ads on those I want to allow but still sounds like progress.

And not sure why with the website, and a few others, the accept cookies warning kept coming up. On most sites I had to acknowledge and then never again. Odd.

Still thanks for the update and this will have to do for now it seems.

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