Signing in to Google with Fido2 Key mobile browser - 2nd

I don’t know why this is still an issue in late April of 2020. This topic, Signing in to Google with Fido2 Key mobile browser was closed with no resolution on October of 2019 for the same issue.
The documentation for the FIDO2 standard isn’t horribly difficult to understand. There would be some work involved securely coding the capability into Brave, but for the love of God, Mozilla was able to do it, so what is the hold up? Does the security and privacy of Brave users amount to so little that the effort isn’t justified?
Truely shameful.

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I am having this issue too. I would be OK if I had to use one of my alternative methods of authentication but it just hangs when I try to login. Please fix this issue so I can use Brave for all my mobile browsing!

I may have found a work around to at least use an alternative authentication option. I found that when plugging my phone into my computer via USB and using Remote Debugging in Brave (have to enable on brave://settings/privacy) it throws an error right away and gives you the option to use other auth options.

I also tried doing a remote debugger via WiFi connection to my phone. I initially found no errors thrown during the hang waiting for me to connect my auth device. I then changed the log levels (next to the filter input on the console tab) to all levels and it failed rapidly and allowed other auth validation options.

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