signature created from brave wallet can not verify


Hi team,
I am working on a dapp that needs to verify users’ signatures. When testing with Metamask, Coinbase everything is okay.
But can not verify the signature created from Brave wallet.
My code js code using ethers.js.

const hash = `0xd3aea288db79124342317a8e950dfc59d3f8d93b7a7b743a25c3453f2e53e309`
const myAccount = `0xF14DE383fE1f5ECA59dbC33A7d7aB527AD7c8c94`
const signature = await myprovider.send('eth_sign', [myAccount, hash])
// signature is "0xf20b11505f101df739e899dec45f09791526f4b06ad77b987699517a08db36c04c224e262b5757ecba9e648e61c12cd2668c9327f22e46e85d9e5e18cc6260bf1c"

I verify signature by golang backend with go-ethereum.
I tried another method like personal_sign but it still got same problem.
I am sure that problem with Brave because that signature create from Metamask, Coinbase wallet can be verify successfully.

Actual result:

Invalid signature

Expected result:

Signature create from Brave wallet can be verify

Reproduces how often:


Desktop Brave version:

  • Brave wallet on Brave browser
  • Brave browser version: 1.45.113
  • MacOS

Brave team has noticed it on github as a team member has added a tag on it.