Show Bookmarks on New Tab

Description of the issue:
Want to show bookmarks on new tab (not top sites - which also doesn’t seem to be working)

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Open New Tab, be presented with useless stats and nothing useful other than the URL bar that takes another tap to use…

Expected result:
To be able to set new tab page to show bookmarks

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Mobile Device details
Android 9

Additional Information:
This seems so obvious. I searched for open posts but only found Desktop related questions or mobile based closed with no replies, suggestions or answers.

Hello @nPHYN1T3, thank you for letting us know about this. What kind of device and OS are you using? If I am not mistaken if you long-press the bookmarks or top sites it asks you to open it on a new tab page. Is that what you want? Can you please share an screenshot so we can further investigate the issue. Thanks in advance.

Already gave you the OS :stuck_out_tongue: If you need the exact build I can’t get that for a while. It’s not my device it’s my roommates, I think Galaxy S9.

I tried the press and hold on the new tab page background and the top sites bit and it doesn’t open or ask anything. There is one site on the top sites which is a strange choice to say the least.

Not sure what you want a screenshot of since all it will show is the new tab page with the useless stats and it won’t show you you can’t do anything with it. You’d need a video for that.

If you do want to show top-sites (note that these are populated based on your usage/frequency of visiting these sites), you can ensure they’re enabled by going to Menu --> Settings --> New Tab Page --> Show top sites.

Unfortunately at this time there is no way to have specific bookmarks on the NTP.

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Top sites might be a half-arse work around if it did what it was supposed to. Shows one site and it’s not the most frequented. Is there any plan on adding a speed dail to the NTP? I mean that’s kinda a basic thing these days and it’s a big one for her. She has a relatively similar complaint about the desktop version where in the NTP is just terrible. Small thumbs and only allows a very small number of sites to be added. However if you use the desktop version you CAN at least add to the NTP, but then you can’t on the mobile? This is a pretty nasty UI inconsistency.

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