Show all bookmarks on new tab

Is it possible to show bookmarks on a new tab page, similar to Safari?


What I’m looking for is very similar to how Brave shows Top SItes on a new page, but shows instead all Brave bookmarks and bookmark folders at the root level.

Hi @dude_bruh_man, Welcome to Community!
While it won’t look like top sites, you can enable Always show bookmarks on New Tab page via brave://settings/appearance.

Thanks for the feedback and welcome mat. :smile: My bookmarks bar is always on though.

I’m trying to transition a friend away from Safari and he really likes the large, pretty favicons laid out on the webpage itself.

I see. We do have an open issue for customising the top sites on the new tab page. At the moment I can’t give you a timeline for it.

Thanks for the info and thanks for the excellent browser. :+1:

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